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Before I began swimming in an Vortex Aquagym Max swim spa, I didn't believe it could give me a good workout. But after training in one, I am convinced that the Vortex swim spas will give you a great, low impact workout, no matter what your swimming ability.

Kelly Stubbins
Commonwealth games gold medal swimmer



Letting you know that Peter called around this morning to complete the handover. He was very helpful and answered all our questions. We are really pleased with the Spa and the high quality workmanship. Also delighted to have made the choice to go with Spa World and will certainly recommend you and the Vortex Spa range.

Thanks again for all your help - Regards, Rod and Keri


alex-douglasWith a maximum bench press in excess of 230kg, I have to train very hard, very regularly. Relaxing in a Vortex Spa after training helps to sooth tired muscles, ease pain and relax weary joints. I can highly recommend the use of an Vortex Spa for post workout recovery, whatever your exercise regime.

Alex Douglas
Champion Powerlifter and Commonwealth Gold Medalist



jonandnickiOne year on & we still use our swim spa virtually every day. The pool area is our sanctuary, and we use our swim spa to relax, for exercise, and for therapy. I had a major knee operation in August, and the pool has been fundamental to my recovery. My surgeon is amazed at my progress and told me he's now
considering getting a swim spa himself! The attached shot was taken as the sun was going down; one of our favourite times to be in our spa pool especially after a hard day at work.

John and Nicki


Thank you also for being SO helpful and efficient. We have been to other spa shops - and the sales people are hopeless and we just didn't feel comfortable with them or their product at all.

Cheers, Kylie


Hi Lillian, Just a short note to say how the spa went for our first winter, honestly we basically lived in it, nice 38 degrees, in rain, hail and fog of Canberra. Didn't really pay attention to how cold the temperature dropped and we used it at different times of the day and spent many pleasurable hours in it. So that's winter, of course now we are dealing with summer, different temperature but same story.

Cheers and thanks - Noel & Mandy




Our 5 year old was simply too excited to wait any longer, so he decided to jump on the forklift and try moving the spa himself!!" priceless :)







Hi Paul thank you for sending out the spa cover with Dave its great i would also like to take the time to say how wonderful the customer service has been from the beginning to the end. Firstly with Brett then yourself,Daniel at spanet and Dave with fixing any problems nothing has ever been to much trouble and handled promptly.Please pass this on to all involved and anyone higher with many thanks to you all. Hopefully i wont have to talk to you for a while but if i do i know we wont have to worry.

Many thanks Ruth and Craig Oaten


The value for money and the quality of customer service has been outstanding so far. Delivery was when requested and the guys dropped it into place ready to go.There have been a couple of small quibbles with the spa - but these things happen (it was a floor model so potentially all the moving around may have caused some things to come loose) - and Dianne and the team have been more than happy to assist and rectify the issues.All in all its fantastic to see the quality of the customer service that comes with a pretty large dollar investment on our part.It's not hard to give good customer service - but it's extremely rare in this day and age.

Let the guys know - keep up the good work. cheers , Mike




Purchasing of the SPA and the Gazebo is one of our best buys. Even on the week-end after all the rain, the SPA and the surrounds of the SPA were dry. Sunday afternoon we had a relaxing SPA with the sun filtering in through the sky light, most enjoyable with a glass in hand.






Our swim spa was installed in February, 2011, and since then has been used almost every day, often more than once. I use it for aqua-aerobic exercises, my husband uses it for relaxation, and our grandchildren use it whenever they can. Our swim spa has been enclosed by a Paradise Room installed by H.V. Aluminium which allows us to use it in comfort all year round no matter what the weather. The Staff at Vortex Spas were most helpful in assisting us to set up our spa – maneuvering it was a delicate procedure owing to a lack of space. We haven’t contacted Vortex Spas since the spa has been up and running as we’ve had no problems.

Kind Regards Dianne


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Everything went well in the delivery of our spa. The reason for us buying the spa is that we have only recently got married and was trying to decide what to buy with our gift money. We wanted something that we could have with us for some time so that is how we come to our decision. We are very happy with it and are sure that it will bring us lots of relaxation time. We would have no problem in recommending your company to our friends..

Kind Regards, Darin


jonesthumbIn May 2011 we purchased a spa, Hydrozone Pro, from Vortex Spas. Our initial contact with the team was at the Canberra Show and we were very impressed with the professional and friendly way in which they talked about the products. David Abdel was the salesman who helped us right from start to now. Once again his friendly and professional manner and the information he provided us with helped us to make the decision to purchase this spa. Despite a few little hiccups to start with, all dealt with swiftly and efficiently, we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our spa. In July, after setting up the spa and enclosing it in a room, we started a swim school. The 'pool' end of the spa is excellent and works well with both teaching babies and training competent swimmers. The 4 jets enable the children to swim longer distances and have lots of fun on pool noodles. Use of a swim harness allows even more to be achieved. The spa end helps very timid learner to cope as it is less challenging for them. Everyone loves coming for swimming and are very comfortable in the warmer water we provide. We have nothing but praise for the team at Vortex Spas and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a spa.



Trent, Thanks for all the assistance with our new spa. We could not be happier. Delivery was excellent and the spa is more than we expected. Easy to set up and easy to run.

Thanks again. Mick


matakalongoWe absolutely love our swim spa - I can honestly say that it's changed the way we live. Since we completed our deck in October 2011 we have used our pool every single day, even if it's raining - we just move our umbrellas over the pool and relax under cover while the rain falls around us. The same can't be said of our neighbours who have conventional pools & have used them maybe a dozen times over the summer. We use our swim spa to relax, to catch up after a hard days work, to work out, and to help treat back, shoulder & knee injuries. Another pleasant surprise is the weight we've both lost swimming instead of vegging in front of the TV!

Thanks, Nicki






Here is a photo you will find hard to beat! The "Nirvana" is true to its name. Endless joy to us and our guests since we bought it from you last winter.

Cheers Joe





When we bought our swim spa, our friends and neighbors said we were mad and wouldn't use it after the novelty wore off. I can't tell you how wrong they were. Our swim spa gets used every other day, morning and night, summer and all through winter. We even put a big solar installation in, so we could have a green powered spa. Sipping cocktails in the spa on a warm summer eve, its as close as we will get to living like a rock star.

Regards Nadja and Bevynn





I just wanted to shoot you through a big Thank You for the entire process of the purchase of the Spa. From 6 months ago you've been great with advice and general service. We didn't look at any other Spa, I was really comfortable dealing with you mate and I must say it was good to be able to support someone back after many years of support from you. I can't wrap Tom and his helper today as well. He did everything that he said he was going to do and both were great blokes and extremely helpful. I'll be happy to talk you guys up big time and confident in the knowledge they'll get top shelf service. AS you know in business, there are just some businesses that we all deal with that you just can't recommend due to your own credibility, but I'll be more than happy to recommend you to anyone that wants to listen. I'm sure this will give the family many years of relaxing pleasure……. Cheers Charlie, thanks a heap again and look forward to dealing with you for many years.






I have included a few pics as you will see my swim spa is positioned in my lush garden , just like being on a permanent holiday . Also I am very conscious about water quality and as you can see after almost 12 months it is as crystal clear as when we first installed it. I have had some questions over the past year & everyone has been professional & helpful . My main concern was resetting the timing so that I could optimise the “off peak “ power time & so my power bills are incredibly reasonable & so the joy of the spa out ways the small extra cost. All good.

Thanks Karen



This is the best purchase I have ever made. Stress relief/Family Time together & Fun Staff and Back up Service is great. Love our Spa.

Thanks Spa World. Pamela 

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